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SFCU Career Opportunities

The Student Federal Credit Union at the University of Pennsylvania hires ambitious and intelligent employees every semester. As an intern, you will gain a vast amount of firsthand experience and knowledge in and about the banking industry. You will also make valuable connections with current employees of the Student Federal Credit Union and its respective alumni network. After an initial semester-long internship learning about the underlying business of a credit union, successful interns have the opportunity to advance and develop a wide array of skills in our many divisions.

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Credit Employment in the Credit Division gives you firsthand experience on the frontlines of finance, specifially overseeing credit products, handling collections, and completing credit research. Analyzing and disbursing loans are a core part of credit union operations and the key to profitability for financial institutions today.

Finance The Finance Division is composed of two committees: Investments and General Ledger. Working in finance at the SFCU gives you the chance to hone your financial skills in a real world setting unlike any problem set in class.

Human Resources The Human Resources Division is in charge of the recruitment process and worker relations. The division works on many projects, including an SFCU-wide mentor-mentee program, OCR workshops, SFCU alumni speaker events, and other large-scale events.

Information Systems Working with the SFCU allows you to immerse yourself in the development and maintenance of a financial firm's IT systems. Opportunities include optimizing hardware and software setups, suggesting and creating new digital end-user products, and much more.

Marketing The Marketing Division gives its members the freedom to create and implement various advertising projects, manage our public relations with the University community, as well as analyze customer satisfaction.

Operations The Operations Division is the face of the SFCU to its members. Employees learn how to navigate the multifaceted aspects of the financial sector while working in a demanding and fast-paced environment. Impromptu problem-solving skills are sure to improve.

Supervisory Government regulations are an increasingly important part of the banking industry. The Supervisory Division allows its members to gain experience through first-hand interactions with auditors, regulators, and legal compliance and ethics issues.