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Unsecured Loans
SFCU members are eligible for unsecured loans (also known as signature loans). Unsecured loans are loans without collateral, meaning they are not tied to personal property.

Unlike with a traditional secured loan, if a borrower defaults on an unsecured loan then the creditor will not seize an automobile, home or other personal property as payment. In a secured loan, a borrower would sign contracts tying the loan to an asset.

- Duration: 3 months to 5 years
- Amount: $500 to $10,000
- Interest rate (APR): Varies
- Applicants with a credit score: starting at 7.64%
- Applicants without a credit score: starting at 15.00%
- The interest rate is subject to change. Updated as of September 11, 2015.
No prepayment penalty!

Vacation Loans

You've worked hard, and now you deserve a break!

Don't let insufficient funds prevent you from realizing your vacation goals. SFCU Vacation Loans will get you on your way to your dream vacation.

We especially cater to students seeking loans for spring break trips, be it a trip to the Bahamas or volunteering through the alternative spring break program. Get started on your way to your dream vacation!

Transition Loans

Many students come to the SFCU seeking transition loans. Your account with the SFCU does not end with graduation, nor does your ability to receive a loan.

Transition loans can be used to finance the cost of moving and beginning payments on student loans. We know that the transition period for students moving from school to work can be difficult, so we are willing to work with you, no matter where you go, to ensure that you have the financial means to truly start your career.

Whether you need money for a new apartment, a new vehicle, or even just for some essentials, an SFCU Transition Loan can help you get these things so that you can get started with your life.