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Online Banking Access


PennCard Linkage
SFCU members can link their PennCard to their SFCU Accounts and enjoy the convenience of using it as an ATM card. The PennCard is accepted at all ATMs in the U.S. and abroad that display the MAC®, PLUS®, or STAR® logos.

When you get your PennCard, specify that you bank with the Student Federal Credit Union: doing so affects your card number's prefix. In order for us to activate your PennCard, the card's prefix must be 564343. If your prefix is incorrect, you can obtain a replacement PennCard free of charge from the second floor of the Penn Bookstore on 3601 Walnut Street.

Come to our Member Services Office to have us complete the PennCard activation process. It's that easy! Once you have your PennCard linked, you can enjoy surcharge-free transactions from your SFCU Checking Account on the PennCard ATM Network.

PennCard Network ATM Locations

Biomedical Research Building: 421 Curie Boulevard
CVS: 3401 Walnut Street - 2 ATMs
Harnwell College House: 3820 Locust Walk
Harrison College House: 39th & Spruce Streets
Hill College House: 3333 Walnut Street
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania: 34th & Spruce
Houston Hall: 3417 Spruce Street
Johnson Pavilion: 3610 Hamilton Walk
McClelland Hall: 3700 Spruce Street
Penn Bookstore: 3601 Walnut Street - 2 ATMs
Penn Museum: 3260 South Street
Penn Tower: 300 South 33rd Street
Public Safety: 4040 Chestnut Street
Sansom Place West: 3650 Chestnut Street
Steinberg-Dietrich Hall: 3620 Locust Walk
Veterinary Hospital: 3900 Delancey Street
All Wawa locations including: 38th & Spruce and 3604 Chestnut - 4 ATMs