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Check Deposits

Checks can be deposited at our main branch in-person, via mail, or through the SFCU's mobile app. Per our check hold policy, $225 of each check will clear the next business day and the remainder of each check will clear in two business days.

Note: mobile check deposits are limited to $1500. If you wish to deposit a check of more than $1500 but less than $5000 through the mobile app, please reach out to a member support representative and request that we raise your check deposit limit.

Personal Checks

All members who open an SFCU Checking Account can order personal checks through online banking by selecting "More" and then "Check Ordering," or by requesting checks via email, over the phone, or by visiting our Member Services office. Please note that ordering personal checkbooks are subject to a fee.

Cashier's Checks

The SFCU provides members with the service of printing cashier's checks, also known as certified checks. Cashier's checks are equivalent to Money Orders, except that a Cashier's Check is classified as a business check and so is not subject to a check-holding period. Cashier's Checks are generally accepted by companies even if they do not accept personal checks.

There is a $3.00 charge for each Cashier's Check requested. This fee is waived for our SFCU Signature Checking customers.

Sending Checks through Pay a Bill

You can send a check for free to any individual or business through the "Pay a Bill" function in online banking. Note: despite the name, you can send checks for purposes other than paying bills. Simply navigate to Pay a Bill, add your payee's information, and send a check or electronic payment free of charge!

Foreign Checks

Members may be charged a fee for each foreign check they deposit. This fee is subject to change. International checks must be sent out for collection before they can be deposited into your account. This procedure may take as long as 5-7 weeks. This policy covers all checks written in a foreign currency. Foreign checks that clear through a United States bank and are in US dollars do not need to be sent out for exchange. Please note that not all foreign checks are able to be processed, depending on the currency.

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