ACH Transfers

ACH transfers to & from SFCU are made with your 9-digit account number and our routing number (036089053). ACH payments can be set up for linking online merchant accounts such as PayPal or Venmo to your SFCU account.

If you are a member with a Regular Checking account, or a Signature Checking account (in addition to a Regular Savings account), ACH transfers are made on your checking account by default. If you are a member with only a Regular Savings account, ACH transfers are made on this account by default.

To have an ACH post to a specific account, please use one of the following suffixes to your account number. Please do not forget to include the dash, however merchants such as Venmo may not allow a dash.

Regular Savings xxxx-RG
Regular Checking xxxx-09
Signature Checking xxxx-29
Alumni Savings xxxx-39

For example, to have an ACH transfer post specifically to a Signature Checking account, use your 9-digit account number plus the suffix, including the dash. For example: 123450000-29.

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