If you plan on traveling, notify a member services representative by calling the office during business hours or emailing You may temporarily raise your debit card limit if you expect to spend over the $500 daily limit.

The limits on your card apply for one business day, which occurs from 3 PM EST from one day to the next. There is a maximum of 15 transactions and a $500 spending limits. Please note that limits will not be reset on weekends, as Friday 3 PM to Monday 3 PM is considered to be one business day.

Suspected fraud:
If you are in a foreign country or purchasing from an international website, transactions of large amounts are likely to be marked as suspected fraud. Please contact a Member Service Representative to have a travel exception applied. Your card may also not work if you are trying to transact with a merchant where fraud cases occur frequently, or if you are not using your chip at a POS machine that supports chip transactions. You may contact a Member Services Representative who may ask you to confirm if a transaction is authorized and unblocked your card.

To order a debit card, please email or call 215-222-2604 and a Member Service Representative will fill in your order. Please be sure to mention your 4 digit PIN and and if you would like rush shipping ($25). New members can also choose to order a debit card in their member application.
Our fraud policy can be found here.
To begin the investigation please submit a copy of the police report, an affidavit of fogery, and a written statement of fraud.


Please submit a domestic outgoing ACH form here.
Please submit an outgoing wire request form here.
Please submit a new/change of joint ownership form here.
When you use ACH transaction to transfer funds into your SFCU account, please put our ACH routing number 036089053 as the recipient's routing number.
Please note that ACH transactions are made on your checking account by default. If you want to make an ACH to a specific account, please use one of the following suffixes to your account number. Please do not forget to include the dash. However, merchants such as Venmo may not allow a dash.

Regular Savings xxxx-RG
Regular Checking xxxx-09
Premier Checking xxxx-19
Signature Checking xxxx-29
Alumni Savings xxxx-39

Check out the online banking guide here!
You can use your SFCU debit card on Venmo/Paypal or any other third party merchant. You can open your SFCU debit card by submitting an application through our online banking system. You can also link your SFCU accounts to Venmo/Paypal using our ACH service. When entering your account information, you should use our ACH routing number 036089053 as the recipient’s routing number.
Your account number should be in the opening account email sent to you when you first opened your account. If you cannot find the email, call the office so we can verify your identity and give you your account number.
Yes, international students can open an account without an SSN. Apply Here!
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