1. Instructions for an incoming wire from a domestic bank

  • Beneficiary Bank Name: University of Pennsylvania Students FCU
  • Beneficiary Bank Address: 3401 Walnut Street Suite, 431A Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Beneficiary Bank ABA/Routing #: 036089053
  • Beneficiary Name: Your Name
  • Beneficiary Address: Your Address on File
  • Beneficiary a/c number: Your SFCU a/c number

2. Instructions for an incoming wire from an international bank

There are two ways to send international wires to the SFCU.

Option 1: (Direct Transfer)

Ask your international financial institution for instructions on how to wire money to the US. Typically, your international financial institution will handle routing through their intermediary. This case you can use the same information as the domestic transfer but in some cases, your institution may require you to input the information for the correspondent/intermediary bank manually for which youโ€™d use Option 2.

Option 2: (Intermediary Information)

  • Intermediary Bank Name: TD Bank
  • Swift Code/IBAN (for US Dollar wires): NRTHUS33
  • Swift Code/IBAN (for foreign currency wires): TDOMCATTTOR
  • Intermediary Routing Number: 031101266
  • Intermediary Bank Address: Wilmington, DE

  • Name: UPenn SFCU
  • Account number: 4376858515
  • Address: 3401 Walnut Street, Suite 431A, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Include the following information in the section provided by the originating bank, sometimes called in favor of, or memo, or additional details. The account number in this section is your SFCU account number.

  • In Favor Of (Account number): Your SFCU account number
  • In Favor Of (Name): Name on your SFCU account
  • In Favor Of (Address): Address on your SFCU account

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