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Take some time to look through our financial literacy videos! These videos are intended to teach current students and alumni how they can improve their financial well-being. We'll be covering concepts like financial net worth, credit scores, taxes, investments, and many more personal finance concepts to come!

Module 1: Financial Health

We cover topics like calculating net worth, compiling your financial assets and liabilities, as well as accessing and interpreting a major financial document: your credit score and reports!

Module 2: Cutting Down on Spending

No one likes to be in debt. In this module we'll go over various for you to pay off that consumer debt: from finding funds, to reducing your credit card interest rate, and general strategies for reducing spending.

Module 3: Taxes!

We go over a quick introduction to taxes in this module! Learn exactly how you trim down your income taxes, contribute to retirement plans, and increase your deductions!

Module 4: Diversifying Investments

In this module we teach you all about how you can diversify your investmnet portfolio. Learn about savings accounts, money-market funds, bonds, stocks, index funds, and many other types of investments!

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